Halachot Women's clothing

How Should a Religious Woman Look?

  • **PLEASE NOTE: According to most poskim for a woman is best to wear a skirt up to the ankle, long-sleeved shirt, cover the neck in front and back.​ 

  • A woman must wear a skirt below the knees with black stockings. 

  • A woman should wear a closed shoe. 

  • A woman must wear stockings that are thick and that are NOT transparent and that are not the color of skin. 

  • A woman does not have to wear stockings at home with her husband. But if her husband learns Torah or prays or makes blessings she has to wear stockings in front of him.

  • A woman does not have to wear stockings at home near her husband or family as long as they are not learning Torah or praying.

  • According to Jewish Law Halacha (Talmud), a woman appearing in public must cover her arms. The arm is the part between the shoulder and elbow of the arm. The elbow must be covered as well. Often when a woman lifts her hand up, the sleeve may fall down to reveal the elbow. Thus, the sleeve should be ten centimeteres below the elbow minimum.

  • The area around the neck must be covered. The breastbone is not part of the neck but part of the body, so it must be covered

  • Can women wear pants? According to all the Poskim women should not wear pants because of lack of modesty., But if it does not hurt their modesty, then it is allowed such as in places like wearing a pajama pants to sleep, and/or when exercising in private places not in front of men.

  • A woman is not allowed to wear red clothes (Beit Yosef, Ramah). But according to most poskim, a garment that is not entirely red (or has a little bit of red) can be worn as well as clothes that are in the shades of pink and/or burgundy.

  • A woman should not wear transparent, tight, clinging (Lycra) or noticeable clothes because they are not modest and grab attention.

  • Women are are not allowed to go out to the street smelling with excessive perfume.