Message from Autistic Kid: Meir Yisroel Adar 5778

In the last few years NASA with its lies has seemed to be in competition with reports of the mini solar system of Nibiru for front page news. However, the difference is that Nibiru is a fact and it is coming towards us at a very fast speed. Nibiru and its solar system have been foretold in the Seforim like the Zohar etc. and it even describes how two thirds of the world will be destroyed when it passes by the earth. However false information coming out of NASA time and again of huge meteorites, and now a fallen Chinese space station hit the headlines, and when the time comes for it to happen evaporates like it was never said. This method of dreaming up fantastic threats against our existence that NASA has been using time and again only to confuse us.


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ארגון להפצת יהדות

 אמ"ת זה חותמו של הקדוש ברוך הוא – ואמת בגימטריה זה "9"

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"מָה אָהַבְתִּי תוֹרָתֶךָ כָּל הַיּוֹם הִיא שִׂיחָתִי"

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